reviewing datacentre servers and racks


  • UPS #1
  • primary router
  • primary network switch
  • power distribution unit

Rack 2:

  • server c1
  • server c2
  • server c3

In its physical state server c1 is a RAID6 platform that runs CentOS6.6, DenyHosts and the kvm hypervisor, and iLO2.

In its virtual state server c1 hosts the full LAMP stack, hosts an SFTP server, hosts email servers, and runs some security functions.

Server c2 is an extended storage platform to complement/support server c1.

Server c3 is a real-time replica of the physical and virtual entities that are server c1.

I plan on moving server c3 out of the Nottingham datacentre and in to a secondary location. This would give me failover resilience, in the event of something cataclysmic happening to the datacentre.

Rack 3:
When it arrives, I plan on populating rack 3 with a secondary router, a secondary network switch, a secondary power distribution unit and UPS #2. And maybe some Blades.