practising hosting/email; aiming for a hosting metric

This evening I migrated my primary (top level domain) website and the associated blog from the established hosting servers in Arizona to my NAS.

This was slightly more complex than anything I’ve attempted before; each set of content (TLD and subdomain) runs against their own MySQL databases. I debated amalgamating both in to one database, but eventually decided to keep the products apart.

I also set up an associated email account for that self-hosted domain.

The aim of this migration is to act as a crude stress testing/load measuring exercise. I want to know what kind of volumes of internet traffic the NAS can comfortably handle.

The only snag I hit along the way was a temporary memory lapse where my brain melted, when I  couldn’t get the DNS to resolve to the content.

I took my mind offline for an hour and then it came to me, that I hadn’t configured the virtual hosts file.

Three minutes of VH config and hey presto, both the website and the subdomain were up and running.

Then I configured the associated email account for the domain in my phone and yep, that worked first time.

Maybe I should document all these things in bullet points?

But I’m turning out the light now, feeling a little bit smug.

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