WordPress hacked on GoDaddy

During the very many changes to my tech and personal life over the last three years, I have had to let one website/domain languish, ignored but not forgotten, over in my hosting account at GoDaddy.

I still host three websites in that account:

  1. My music/podcast website I have hosted for me since 2008(content and RSS & iTunes feeds in a customised WordPress development)
  2. A third-party cookery/recipe website that I have hosted for almost four years (content and RSS feeds in a customised WordPress development)
  3. A third-party blog/website that I have hosted for a friend for just over three years (content and RSS feeds in a customised WordPress development)

While I have plenty of free time on my hands, I thought it would be a good idea to migrate the music/podcast website content and iTunes feeds away from GoDaddy and in to my datacentre.

But when I viewed the domain and contents I noticed garbage text at the very foot of the front page, advertising drugs.

Damn it, I’ve been hacked!

And also, damn it, I’ve been hacked and haven’t noticed!

Curse me for taking my eye off the ball.

Curse me for being so busy.

Anyway, I am unpicking the hack and, as soon as I have finished this, I shall migrate this domain to my datacentre.

But I have spent some time wondering about the hack.

How come just one domain was successfully attacked, when there are other domains in the same hosting account?

So I googled the hackers content, that had caught my eye when I first spotted it.

And it showed up, word for word, in three other WordPress websites.

All of them hosted at GoDaddy (none of them were mine).

What are the chances?

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