The end is in sight

The ‘to do’ list is lacking significant items.

There is no remaining tech debt.

In fact, undocumented here, a significant amount of quality has been added to the datacentre project.

I now have real time replication between hosts.

Every VM update, every physical host change, is now replicated to a redundancy environment.

I can spin up a new VM in about 25 seconds (this includes a full LAMP stack, and webmail, mobile device mail, and FTP access).

For extra redundancy, in addition to RAID and real time replication, every physical host is also backed up to another host.

This currently sits in a separate location, but within the same building.

I plan to relocate this feature to another location as soon as I can find one.

So all in all, this project has come a very long way.

And oh what a lot has been learned!

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