moving house, forwarding ports and ISP garbage


I moved house from down there to up here. My ISP (Plusnet) said I’d have the same FTTC broadband service up here that I had down there. Except they were sooo not right about that. And the fallout/issues that ran out of me having to step down in my broadband to ADSL from the FTTC service I used to have in my former house, were… pretty massive.

However, we live and learn (or we’ve stopped living)…

Because of the degraded broadband service (and yes, stepping down from 80Mb/s download and 20Mb/s upload FTTC, to 5.3Mb/s download and 0.3Mb/s upload is a huge degrade in service!) I had to change modems.

And that meant having to learn how to configure port forwarding on a Technicolor TG582n.

It wasn’t, frankly, without its issues. And those issues came with a steep learning curve – and, together with Plusnet’s less-than-shiny internet provision, kept this little website offline for almost three weeks.

I’ve only just figured out (because what documentation?) that the port forwarding config file needed a from and a to port range – even if you only want to open just one port (which is what I have been trying to figure out how to do). That’s a bit bonkers, in a very twisted kind of logicish sort of way.

Anyway, I worked it out and now we’re back online.

The port forwarding issues, the router swap issues, the steep learning curve issues and the two week broadband outage courtesy of my ISP (while Plusnet unknotted their knickers and eventually delivered some kind of a – degraded – service), all combined to keep me away from the next project that was on my list…

Domain-related email!

That’ll come soon.

Oh yes.

The other thing to note is that I went on eBay and bought an HP server for £19.99p.

It has 4x hard-disks fitted, none are a decent size by today’s standards, but it does have a significant amount of RAM (ten times that of my NAS). And for less than £20 I think it will do as the first real base server for my experimenting/learning, when I need to migrate the self-hosting environment off my NAS on to something more scopey.

And that means getting something like CentOS and learning how to install and configure that.

I seem to be in geek heaven right now.

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