well that’s very odd

I wanted to move my TLD and blog (resides in a trailing sub-dir) from Arizona to my state-of-the-art datacentre in my house in Rugby, so:

  1. I backed up (and exported to my local hard-disc), the MySQL databases for the TLD and for the blog.
  2. I FTPd the content plus WordPress files from Arizona to my local hard-disc.
  3. In phpMyAdmin I created two users and an associated database for each user
  4. I imported the exported MySQL databases in to each new instance (both completed with non errors)
  5. I created the webspace on my NAS, and copied the WordPress files plus content in to it – changing the wpconfig.php in both the TLD and the blog sub-dir for the user details I had created in step 3.
  6. I logged on to the domain admin panel and changed the root IP address from the Arizona datacentre to the Rugby one
  7. Waited

After about 10 minutes the TLD had completed the propagation; I had full navigation being served up by the Rugby environment.

However the blog sub-dir failed: when I tried to access it I just got a blank screen of whiteness.

I dropped all of the tables in the database and did another import (which completed successfully).

And got the same white space.

So I deleted the MySQL database and the user, and tried to access the blog – and got a Database Connection error message, which is what I’d expect.

Then I created a new database to match the same credentials I’d created in the wpconfig.php file, and imported the old MySQL database again.

It failed once more; same white screen.


This needs thinking about.

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2 Responses to well that’s very odd

  1. Allister says:

    Something in the WordPress settings? I know the domain should remain the same, but perhaps an absolute path to something critical?

    • Whoops! says:

      Hi Allister. It’s apparently likely to be either a theme-related problem or a plug-in related issue. What the internet advises me to do is do the migration again, then rename the theme directory (or do something broadly similar in the plug-in directory), and see what happens. As I have a home-brewed Child theme, I reckon it could be that. I’ll try it tomorrow night, when I’m home next.

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