virtual or physical?

I have temporarily closed down Server 1 and Server 2, and transferred all data and functionality to the NAS.

Reason for this is twofold:

  1. I’m going to install VMWare on Server 1, and clone my laptop in to a virtual desktop on Server 1
  2. I’m going to install VMWare on Server 2, and configure it as a virtual hosting platform

The reason for 1. is because I have some audio production software on my primary laptop which is no longer available. If the laptop should suffer a critical failure (and I’ve had three of those in the last 12 years), I would lose that software and lose the unique goodness that it gives me. But if I virtualise the laptop on to a Raided VMWare server, then the laptop and its applications should be protected, yes?

The reason for 2. is just because I’d like to set up virtual servers, to see how easy the initial stand-up and config is, and look at the management overhead of running virtual hosts.

Although I’ve kicked off these tasks by migrating the content from Server 1 and Server 2 to the NAS, the actual installation/stand-up and config of both virtual environments is going to take a while to complete.

Not because they are long, complex tasks (they aren’t particularly complex), but because I have a hectic, complex calendar, with scant spare capacity for such leisure-time geekery.

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