so I woke up early this morning

And, for reasons that I’ll go in to another time, I thought ‘Well, I’ve got half an hour, why not migrate those websites off the HP Server array, over to Arizona, and shut Port 80 on my router?’

So I did.

I took local copies of the five MySQL databases, created five new MySQL databases in Arizona, imported the appropriate copies of the local MySQL databases in to each of the appropriate new MySQL databases, FTPd the five .php environments to the five new webspaces, made myself a cup of tea, and then pointed the IP and NameServers for each of the five domain names from the HP Server address, over to the Arizona address.

Then I shut my local router to all internet traffic.

I’ll review the router log tonight; it’ll be interesting reading because I don’t know if it will record all failed attempts in the same way that it recorded all successful attempts.

I’ll also check the NAS access log (as it acts as DHCP server).

My internal LAN (NAS/DHCP server, plus HP Server A, and HP Server B) are all still accessible to me from within my network.

The downside of this is that I can’t perform remote admin on the NAS, HP Server A, or HP Server B, while I have all ports shut down on the router.

Well, I’ll keep an eye on the server log, and maybe I’ll open up just the one port I need for remote access.

We’ll see.

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