any port in a storm?

Here’s a random thought that occurred to me, on my way to work this morning (VFR, if you’re interested).

What would happen to all those weird port calls if I shut port 80 on my firewall?

They would get bounced, obv.

They would probably get an ‘unreachable’ error.

But would they go away (in something like six months)?

I’m tempted to give it a shot.

Of course, I’d have to move the hosted domains to another location, but I’ve already proven (and documented here) how easy that is.

And it would take maybe 15 minutes to migrate the websites (and their databases) that I host to another place.

But what difference would there be, do you suppose, between my firewall/router logs now, and my firewall/router logs six months after I closed port 80?

I’m sufficiently intrigued as to be considering the idea.

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