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I’ve updated the ‘pending’ list over there.

I have been less than impressed with Ghost (the platform, not Drift Ghost HD, my new video camera, which is excellent!). It has left me with a strong aftertaste of mediocrity. I understand the concept, but if you strip away the aspirations, really it has no significant advantages over Drupal or WordPress (and has some fairly hefty disadvantages).

Subdomains (both leading and trailing) were actually much easier to get a grip of than I thought they would be. The simpler method, where there is a need, is to deploy trailing subdomains, but I do understand why the geeky amongst us would prefer leading subdomains.

I had initially set up one of the HP servers, but both are now up and running. I have some test MySQL databases on one, a couple of test domains on the other and I’m experimenting with the split of data (between ‘A’ and ‘B’ boxes).

There is, though, a periodic routing problem that I want to get to grips with. The internet router seems to be doing its job, the NAS (acting as DHCP router) seems to be doing its job, and the servers seem to be doing their jobs.

But every now and then latency creeps up and can run up from an operating level of +90ms to as much as +3s.

I need to sit down and figure out where this is springing from and why it’s a periodic issue. No packets are being lost, so it’s not as if the routing is being dropped, just slowed down. I have also noticed that sometimes the CPU on the NAS rises to 99% utilisation from the customary 15-25%. But when it does peak that high, the RAM utilisation scarcely gets over 35%.

Anyway, I’m sure the routing thing is fixable and probably needs nothing more than some fine-tuning. I’d like to sit down and check my IP addressing. But as ever, this all needs time and there isn’t too much spare time knocking about, at the moment.

Not on the ‘pending’ list, but I have spent a lot of time (almost all of this weekend) consolidating data from a multitude of backups.

Over the last six years I’ve burned out three laptops (or hard disks in laptops).

Before I bought the NAS I undertook a weekly global backup of my laptop(s), all the way back to 2008. To accommodate these backups, I bought three external HDDs (one 500Mb, the other two 1Tb each).

So this weekend, while the weather has been absolutely pants, I’ve been consolidating the data from these individual devices on to the ‘A’ HP server.

This consolidation hasn’t really increased the data footprint on the ‘A’ server very much, but it has freed up three fairly large external HDDs. I have no idea what I’m going to do with them, but I’m sure I’ll think of something.

(a nice side effect of the data consolidation is that my iTunes library has now risen to 7,500 songs)

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