rendered completely useless

I’ve been playing with the video I shot yesterday.

I used Sony Vegas Pro as the video/audio editor; here’s what I did first of all:

  • migrated the raw footage to the studio laptop
  • viewed the raw footage in VLC
  • fired up SVP
  • created a blank project using a slightly modified template I designed a while ago
  • imported the raw video to the project
  • split the raw video to the start and end points I wanted (I didn’t want to edit the timeline)
  • created fade in and fade out points for the edited video
  • created and dropped to the start of the edited video a title graphic
  • created a new video channel within the project
  • dropped the ‘comment’ graphics in to the new video channel
  • removed the audio track to the edited video (original track)
  • imported the chosen musical track in to the project, to where I wanted it to start/end
  • saved the project as a .veg file
  • rendered the project as .wmv format

When I played the finished project back in the master viewer in SVP, it looked fine. The start and end points were good, the fades were good, the text graphics were good.

But when I viewed the file in .wmv format there was nothing to like:

  • the title graphic was bitty; dropped, for no reason, and then came back, and flickered briefly to negative before returning to normal
  • the video quality was rubbish, not so much HD (which it should have been), but VFPQ (work it out)

But, oddly, the audio remained consistent.

I re-rendered the finished project as .wmv three times, and each time the same quality (lack of quality!) issues were apparent.

Then I rendered the project as .mpg and viewed it.

Brilliant! No quality issues.

The weird thing is that .wmv presents itself as the default format for rendered video.

Well, not any more, obv. I’ve changed that.

But the questions running around in my head now are what the hell use is .wmv? And why does rendering a finished project in to .wmv present so many quality issues?

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2 Responses to rendered completely useless

  1. Allister says:

    WMV? No use at all. There are perfectly good codecs in the MPEG range that have much wider support. VFPQ? You sure it wasn’t VFSQ?

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