patching patches?

I always get puzzled and slightly perplexed when a patch to an operating system is made available, and all it says is something vague such as ‘enhanced security’, or ‘fixes security bug’.

I’m used to the professional world of regular updates being released against a release calendar.

But this slightly concerning lack of true transparency, where a patch to what is, effectively, another patch that was released a couple of months ago, is less than professional.

Anyway, Synology have released another patch to the DSM operating system on the NAS.

I applied the patch last night.

It wasn’t a hot-fix patch, it needed the NAS to be dropped after applying it.

Which I did.

There were no issues in applying the patch.

No issues in dropping the NAS.

No issues in bringing it back up.

I just have issues with largely undocumented patches/fixes/upgrades.

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