fed right up (feeds full of feed)

What did you do lunchtime today?

I converted a spreadsheet from a 24.8Mb monstrosity, to a 72Kb pussycat.

And I debugged the entire WordPress .php application, and the Mantra theme.

I started out debugging just the Mantra theme (let’s not talk about the spreadsheet, that’s a work thing).

But when I’d finished I kept thinking ‘Is that it? Really? That’s it? There isn’t more?’

So I began working my way through the WordPress .php stack.

Actually, I found hundreds of .php files with blank lines outside the begin/end .php markers.

(blank lines outside the <?php – ?> switches are usually the causes of feed failures)

I could have been clever.

Or lazy.

Same thing, really.

I could have opened the feed-related files in the includes folder and put this code in:

$out = ob_get_contents();
$out = str_replace(array(“\n”, “\r”, “\t”, ” “), “”, $input);

But I didn’t want to do that, because it wouldn’t have answered the unasked question.

Coding my way out of the issue wouldn’t have actually told me how many instances of the issue there were.

And now I know.

Because I fixed them.

Fixed them all.

By hand.

Because I am a geek.

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