seeing patterns where there may be none

Here’s a peculiar thing – well, three peculiar things:

  1. I wrote here about needing to learn additional mail admin knowledge in Postfix, specifically around learning how to delete an email account
  2. I wrote here about one email account I was hosting, that received a metric fuckton of spam
  3. I wrote here about a significant number of unsuccessful probes the mailserver was receiving

The first two items were about one email account attached to one hosted domain.

Well, after several days of internet fishing, I couldn’t find any help on how to delete an email account in Postfix.

So what I did was migrate the hosted domain (and therefore the associated email account) back to GoDaddy.

Then I deleted that email account there – because GoDaddy’s email control panel is simple, and easy to manage.

Within 48 hours, back on the NAS, all spam had dried up.

And, coincidentally (?) all probes to the MailServer had dried up too.

I would expect all spam to dry up, because the mx records for that domain now point to a server in Arizona, not my server here in Warwickshire. Deleting that email account is neither here nor there; that website is now under the administrative control of GoDaddy.

But all unwelcome probes/hack attempts drying up within the same timescale?

Well that’s just weird.

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