tv geekage

This house has just one set of television aerial points.

In the lounge there is an incoming twin-cable satellite connector, and an incoming aerial coaxial point.

Which is great.



Upstairs there’s nothing.

And, frankly, there are fewer 13amp sockets upstairs, than one would have expected.


I’m thinking of adding a Qose 5.8Ghz Wireless Video Sender/Receiver to my shopping list.

Less than £50 for cable-free viewing upstairs?

Sounds ideal to me.

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2 Responses to tv geekage

  1. Masher says:

    Those wireless senders are OK, but are never as good as a proper wired connection.

    I used to have one, and every time next door switched on their microwave, we lost the picture. At 5GHz, the Qose should be less prone to such things… but still not as good as a cable.

    • Whoops! says:

      Thanks for this Masher. I am so far resisting the urge to rush out and get one. But this means that TV viewing upstairs is limited to DVDs, because getting cabled up is not an option. I’ll think more on it.

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