downing and upping


A couple of nights ago I migrated another – very light traffic – website on to the NAS.

The only reason I did this was to document, in bullet-points, the process.

I’ll post the process on to the Synology Forums, because the step-by-step documentation for the Diskstation is pretty scant (and next to meaningless).

I’ve just updated phpMyAdmin (being a firm believer in keeping products up to date).

But I think that I’m just about done with hosting on the NAS.

I think it’s time to up my game.

My next step is to get the racked servers installed, configured, and get CentOS and some RAID products spread across the hard-disks.


Time to up my game.

I’m going to down the NAS tonight.

Just a simple down.

But I have an eye on that phpMyAdmin upgrade I implemented earlier, and I’d like to bed it in properly with a cold start.

I’m just an oldschool Unix nerd, huh?


So, downing the NAS in an orderly fashion and bringing it back up delivered no discernible difference.

All services successfully restarted themselves, the four websites, php instances, MySQL databases and mailserver profiles all mounted correctly.

CPU is at 2%, RAM is at 30%

It’s all a bit anticlimactic really.

But also…

Very good.

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