spitting venom

I did a controlled shutdown and restart of server c1 in the datacentre today.

This shutdown and restart of the physical server meant that the primary LAMP server – and all of the hosted VMs – were also shutdown and restarted in a controlled state.

The reason for this event was to embed the Venom fix that has been released (that my servers downloaded during the week), to close the latest Unix/Linux vulnerability.

Nothing else to report.

I love how reliable and robust the infrastructure is proving to be.


This is what DC1 looked like the first time I saw it:

Datacentre 1 first look












Datacentre 1 first look 2













A few weeks later, this is rack 1, server c1, after having upped the RAM, installed all the disks, configured the disks to RAID6, installed the CentOS operating system, and I’m part-way through installing the KVM hypervisor. You can see the top of server c2 below:

Rack 1 Server c1














And this is a screenshot of me starting to configure eth0:










And here’s a screenshot of me configuring iptables:










For reasons of security, I’m not posting any other photos.