opening ports, closing ports

I was trundling down the M6 when I had a random thought that it would be good if I could access my music from anywhere.

Not my music on my iPod, but my music on my music server at home.

This is nothing to do with wanting to get a copy of an Iron Maiden/Public Enemy mashup called Hallowed Be Thy Enemy for a colleague at work.

No, nothing.

Anyway, that evening I opened two FTP ports on my router, to see what would happen.

What happened is that overnight I had 45 ‘failed to log in to the FTP server’ reports.

Each of those 45 reports listed three failed access attempts from an IP address (my NAS is set up to deny for ever any IP address that has three failed access attempts within a set period of time).

So in the space of 7 hours, between opening the FTP ports and reviewing the log, there had been 135 attempts to gain access to an FTP server.

A hundred and thirty-five?

Not worth it (I thought to myself).

So I shut down the FTP ports on my router.