speed (killing)

I haven’t been home much since I moved in. I know it’s been seven weeks since I got the keys to the new house, but I’ve probably spent eight nights here in that time.

Not that long, really.

But long enough to realise that there was a problem, of some kind, with the broadband speed.

I raised this with my ISP. They put me on hold and ran ‘a few tests’ and yep, they came back on the line and said “You should be getting better performance than that!”

They put me on hold again and went off to do something else.

A couple of minutes later they said “It looks like Openreach have put you on the wrong kind of broadband. I’ve raised this issue with our provisioning team and within 24 hours you should be getting speeds closer to what you expected.”

Twenty-four hours later I ran a speed test that yielded

Download: 70mbs
Upload: 20mbs

So well done to Plusnet for sorting things out.

And a big fuck off you useless fucktards Openreach, for giving me 8mbs down and 1.2mbs up, when I should have been getting 70/20 from day one.