In a couple of days I’m going to begin tackling how to install and configure domain-related email (ie: might have several related email accounts:,, etc).

My NAS (which currently hosts this website) requires each email address to have an account on the NAS itself.

That brings with it questions about security that need to be dealt with.

And sooner or later I need to get a firm grasp on FTP/SFTP, within the context of self-hosted websites, not as a server admin (that’s a piece of cake, obv).

But before I do anything else, I need to move house.

I’ve been promised fast broadband when I get there, so I’ll see you in about five or six days.

post the first

This is my (test) geek blog.

I am a geek (as I said in a job interview today), but not a professional geek.

And I have a spread of tech skills, but not to any significant, developery kind of depth.

But I have ambitions to learn many things, and I am delivery-focussed, in a combination of OCD/highly self-competitive kind of way.

So I need a place to document stuff (where stuff = the successes, the failures, and the not-decided-which-of-those-this-is) from the geek side of my life, and this is going to be that place, for now.